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Custom Woodworking

With over three decades of experience in the custom woodworking sector in New York City and the surrounding areas, Odhner & Odhner Fine Woodworking can create superior standard pieces of customized furniture and fittings for optimal results.

New York

Custom Bookcases

Whether you are an avid reader with hundreds of books or someone who is looking to create a stable and stylish home for you and your family’s growing collection of bestsellers, then a high-quality bookcase from Odhner & Odhner Fine Woodworking should be the first number you call.

New York

Bookcase Design

With more than 40 years in the custom woodworking industry, at Odhner and Odhner Fine Woodworking, we’ve combined a classic education in creating beautiful custom work, with modern design tools such as 3D drafting programs.

New York

Bookcase Building

With the ever-changing and evolving nature of modern technology, it is sometimes easy to forget the enduring longevity of a book. If you are like most of our clients in New York City, then you have fond memories of a childhood and adolescence filled with captivating literary adventures by some of your favorite authors.

New York

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