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Odhner and Odhner Fine Woodworking was founded by Dirk Odhner in 1976. Dirk discovered his passion for woodworking quite accidentally. In the summer of 1973, he was working, like many college students, painting houses and doing odd jobs related to home improvement and repairs. One day, a customer asked him if he might be interested in making some vanities for the house they were building.  Dirk agreed to take on the task and quickly fell in love with the entire process. “It was truly one of those love-at-first-sight experiences,” he recalls. “I loved everything about it - the physical aspect of the work, the creative aspect of the design, the beauty of the wood, the artistic finished product. I loved it all.” Realizing that he had found his life’s work, Dirk set out to learn everything he could about woodworking. He worked with other experienced woodworkers and visited museums, crawling under the furniture to see how it was constructed. In July of 1976 he started Odhner and Odhner in a garage; Business grew slowly at first, and Dirk had to supplement his woodworking income by doing home repairs and alterations…but persistence paid off and business grew year-by-year. In 1986 Dirk was able to purchase a shop building in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. By 2005 they had outgrown it and moved to their current location in Easton, Pennsylvania. Today Odhner and Odhner Fine Woodworking’s Easton, PA workshop is light, airy, and well-equipped. Dirk has put together a wonderful team of professional woodworkers and finishers. Although the shop is equipped with up-to-date tools and machines, it’s still the skill and pride of the craftsmen that are at the heart of the business. Dirk admits, “I still get that feeling I did all those years ago. I still love that creative feeling, the client interaction, applying my own aesthetics to the design in a way that allows me to fulfill myself as an artist while fulfilling the needs of the project and the expectations of the client.” Odhner and Odhner Fine Woodworking Easton PA 18045 "We work hard to collaborate with our clients, applying more than 41 years of successful design history and technical expertise to help them realize the creative vision they hold for their project."
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The Odhner & Odhner Difference

At Odhner & Odhner, we take artistry and craftsmanship as a given. We love the beauty of the woods we work with daily. We love the play of light on the surface of richly finished mahogany. The smell of cherry being cut by a saw has a perfume that is the backdrop of our everyday life. We bring our woodwork to life with many timeless details that pay homage to an ancient tradition of careful joinery: the deeply incised mouldings, the small embellishments and meticulously sanded and polished surfaces. Every great project, whether it’s a free-standing AV cabinet or a paneled library, must start with a great design. Our designs are imaginative and carefully thought out, with close attention paid to aesthetic proportion and line, balance and harmony. We are proud of our ability to translate ideas into reality. Unlike many of our competitors, we work directly with our clients from concept to completion and personally manage all phases of the project. First we apply decades of proven design experience to the in-house development of each specific project plan, opening a dialogue with our client by furnishing 3D color renderings and architectural drawings for their comment and consideration. We then think through the design with them, providing the information they need to visualize how the design will look and function, modifying the drawings as we go along. Finally, we work directly with our team of craftsmen to ensure the end product is built precisely to the approved specs. From the materials to the designs to the end product, our passion and personal touch combine to make our company and our projects outstanding. This is the Odhner & Odhner Difference.

Our Approach

At Odhner & Odhner, we understand that every fine woodworking project is a one-of-a-kind, custom challenge with varying technical requirements and exciting design possibilities. That's why we approach each with careful planning, fresh perspective and a dedication to helping our clients realize their ultimate vision. While we are proud to share and apply what we've learned over the last 41 years, we are also respectful of the fact that this is a highly collaborative and evolving process. By considering every possibility and pushing the boundaries of both what has been done and what is possible, we are able to create something uniquely personal and artistic that will stand in beauty for years to come.

Our Greatest Satisfaction

While we’re happy to furnish a design based entirely on our own artistic vision if that’s what the job requires, we love to work collaboratively with our clients, guiding them with a sure artistic hand and a technical expertise born of more than 41 years of successful design history. We take great pleasure in helping them realize the creative vision they hold for their project. This involves solid consultative guidance, attentive listening, respectful suggestions, technical problem-solving and a sincere dedication to the feedback process. We have found, over the years, that by inviting our clients to participate actively in the design process, we can create furnishings and spaces that are at once very beautiful and uniquely suited to the needs of the people who will use them for many years into the future.

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