Custom Woodworking in New York, Philadelphia and Morristown

There’s no doubt about it: custom woodworking is an art. And, at Odhner and Odhner Fine Woodworking, we’ve worked painstakingly over the past 42+ years to perfect our craft. From custom bookshelves and bookcases to cabinetry, furniture, and more, if you’re looking for custom woodworking in New York, Philadelphia and Morristown, look no further.

We believe in taking the time to plan with our clients through architectural drawing and 3D drafting, and then work to create pieces that are made to last.

All hand-sanded and finished in-shop, we can guarantee that your custom furnishings will be made for you and you alone. Express yourself with impressive, long-lasting custom woodworking. Call Odhner and Odhner Fine Woodworking today.

Bookcases and Bookshelves

From classic floor to ceiling bookshelves and built in bookcases to modular bookshelves that can be used in any modern home or loft space to create room separation and more, the sky’s the limit when you work with Odhner and Odhner Fine Woodworking on custom bookcases and bookshelves.

In our extensive portfolio, you’ll find beautifully crafted shelves with attached ladders, moldings, carvings, cabinet doors, and more. We never work with cheap wood, preferring instead harder woods that can stand the test of time. If you’re looking for something truly impressive, just ask us how to incorporate custom shelving into your home.

Fireplace Walls

Having a home with a fireplace is a dream for many. These outstanding design elements are both functional and attractive. But what about their surroundings?

By crafting a custom surround for your fireplace, you can create shelving, coves, cabinets, and so much more. Odhner and Odhner Fine Woodworking has had the pleasure of crafting fireplace walls for many New York, Philadelphia and Morristown homeowners and are looking forward to crafting yours next!

Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry

The kitchen and bathroom are the most valuable rooms in your home. When it comes to remodeling and renovation, these rooms fetch the highest return on investment.

One good way to make your kitchen or bathroom stand out, is by investing in custom cabinetry. Cabinets take up a good amount of space in kitchens and bathrooms, and making sure that that space is filled with attractive cabinets is important.

Sleek and modern or country classic, we can do it all!

Libraries & Home Office

When it comes to libraries and home offices, we invest all of our artistry into these projects. Intricate details, coffered ceilings, classical columns, fluted pilasters, carved capitals… there’s nothing we can’t or won’t do with woodworking! Just state your budget and let’s get started.

Impressive Woodworking in New York, Philadelphia and Morristown

On the lookout for custom woodworking shops? Odhner and Odhner Fine Woodworking has had our doors open since 1976 and are an established name in the woodworking community.

From custom kitchen cabinets to bookshelves, bookcases, and more, we pride ourselves in creating impressive and lasting work that will have all of your friends needing to know who your contractor is!

Whether you’re a contractor yourself, architect, or homeowner looking to upgrade your home, give us a call today and bring a standard of excellence into your home.

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